Tuesday, November 10, 2009


HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY TO CHARLIE! So now you will all just have to deal with some super cute pictures! I hope you don't mind. The day began with waking Charlie up to the birthday song. As you can see, he was not happy at all! (that was sarcastic!) Charlie then took a very big sniff in and said, "I don't smell cake!" He was right, I was not making a cake at 7:30 in the morning! Actually, we didn't have cake, we had cereal... for breakfast. Again, he's not happy at all!

Later in the day, Charlie and Gracie were singing and dancing in the living room. I should have taken video, but this is what I got! Notice the cool new clothes from Grandma Sue. In the afternoon, we took a trip off the hill. Charlie was excited to play (work, as he calls it) on his new Cars Laptop. He looks so official here! We went to Toys R Us where Charlie used a special gift card and some money from Grandpa Blaine to buy a Cowboy outfit. For some reason, Charlie has been talking about dressing up and playing cowboys for about two months. I am not even sure where he got that idea from. But, as seems to be the norm lately, we got the outfit and Charlie is afraid of it! This picture was taken just before the tears started. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Red Robin. Charlie got an ice cream sundae and a loud happy birthday song from the waitresses, which he hid from. Overall it was a great day! The only exception would be that we should have had the ice cream for breakfast, maybe then the sugar high would have worn off before going to bed!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Got These Photos

Hey look! Another family photo. We just got this picture from Scott. It was taken on our vacation in September. Also, this is just a great picture of Charlie and Gracie. They were giving each other love in the middle of amphitheater time at camp. Just wanted to share!


Yes, this is the same picture that was on our newsletter, but it is a rare occasion that we actually get a family photo, so I will put it everywhere I can! I believe Van took about 100 pictures of us this day and this was the best one! Hopefully it will get easier as the kids get bigger!
It has been a busier season than usual. We spent a lot of time in OC for camp events. It was busy but good! We really enjoyed going to our home church while we were down there. It is always nice to reconnect with friends and family there.
We are looking forward to a few weeks at home with some regular routine. It sure is beautiful here. The fall colors have come and they just glow in the sunlight. Just when we think it is getting cold and might snow, the weather shifts again. Soon we will be going to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to being together, playing cards, cooking, eating, laughing, Christmas shopping and more. Charlie and Gracie have not been before. Hopefully the drive up there won't ruin the entire time! We'll see. We'd love to hear from you. Please write or call. Maybe we can get together???