Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Reason I asked Why

Some of you may already know, but my previous post was because of the sad news and finalizing of Tony and Tina Massa Leaving Camp Alandale. They were the San Diego Directors, and had been with camp for 10 years full time and 14 years total counting the years they volunteered before that. Again everybody asks why, but seriously only God knows totally. There are lots of things that God is doing through it all. The saddest part is the fact that sometimes things happen so that God can show us He is God and that we submit to His will and what He wants. In Idyllwild at the OC Camp Alandale it has bonded us closer then we have been ever i think. Praise God for that. The ashes in San Diego are still smoldering and only God knows what the future will be for our San Diego ministry. The great part is that God is still God and he still wants to reach kids for Christ in OC and San Diego and the world! So we submit to God's leading and direction and plan even if it makes me ask the question why. I just need to remember who to direct it to!

The Question Why?

Recently there have been some events that have happened that have lead me to ask the question why. It is a great word. It begs and demands an answer that would seem to somehow bring some kind of resolution or justification. The only problem is the facing the special kind of why that has no resolution, justification or even common sense. The why that leaves Calvinists and Armenianists on common ground. The why that brings Baptists and Penecostals to a potluck of ideas together. The why that leaves us with only one place to go. The place of course that we should have gone long before our aching and worrying and sleepless nights seemed to take us. The place where peace and contentment leave us with the only question left to ask. Why didn't I go to God with this in the first place!