Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We have a Kindergartener!!!

Can you believe it!  Charlie started school August 23, 2010.  He has been so excited, even counting down the days until he would go to school.  Now it is finally here.  There are 25 children in his class and his teacher's name is Mrs. Gray.  So far so good! 

Kids at Camp

Here is Gracie attempting to be in a skit.  When the time came to perform, she got stage fright!

This butterfly was attracted to many campers because they had just gotten wet in a fun water game.  I love Charlie's face!

Sad News

It was finally time!  Sierra, one of our dogs, needed to be put down on August 23, 2010.  She had been growing increasingly sick over the summer months.  It was so sad to watch her.  She seemingly had a tumor above her left eye.  It was growing bigger and pressing in on her eye, so much so that she was unable to see clearly.  She was not eating and had lost a lot of weight.  We were trying to hold off as long as possible with the hope that she would just get better. But the time came and we knew what needed to be done. We have enjoyed Sierra's love and sneakiness for the last ten years. She was a great dog and is greatly missed!

From July 19-23

This last week of camp was quite a blessing! We were short a few counselors and staff too. Of course, God took care of everything. The campers He brought for this week were just super sweet. Overall, they wanted to participate in all the activities, they asked great and deep questions about the Lord, and were a real joy to spend time with. However, personally, I felt disconnected from the campers to a degree because I was in the house often doing a lot of behind the scenes jobs. Honestly, I was getting grumpy because I wasn’t able to engage with the campers as much. I was feeling selfish and the whole “oh, woe is me” attitude set in. I was ready to eat a worm when God reminded me what camp is all about…HIM! It was Thursday night, the last night at camp; we had just sent all the campers off to bed, when Carrie came in the house with her counselor, Melissa. Melissa told me that Carrie wanted to pray to receive Christ into her heart, and she wanted me to pray with her!!! Was I ever blown away! What a blessing to be a part of this great moment. The three of us went out front to a bench and sat down together. I asked Carrie if she knew what she was doing and if she understood it all. She replied with a great big yes, with a great big smile on her face. So we prayed something like this… Dear Jesus, Thank you for loving me so much. Thank you that you died on the cross for me. Please forgive me of my sins. Please come into my life make me a new creation. Help me to grow in you and to live for you for all of my days. Amen. Melissa and I both grabbed Carrie and gave her the biggest hug. Carrie was excited. She believed that God has an amazing plan for her life and she wants to live for him and share him with others. Thank you God for this opportunity! Thank you for helping me take my eyes off of me and see you and your wonderful works!