Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh, The Kids Are Growing!

The other morning I went into Charlie's room to get him up.  He was already awake, but he was pretending to be snoring under the covers.  It was quite a sight and sound!  I sat down on the bed and gave him a little tickle.  He came out of the covers with the biggest smile on his face, and boy, he can make it from ear to ear!  I grabbed him and cuddled him in my arms, which is pretty difficult now that he is as big as he is.  I asked him if he knew that there was a time when he was only 10 pounds, when he couldn't walk or talk, or even go potty on the potty?  Of course, missing the point, he reminded me, that he used to go potty back then, it was just into a diaper!  I kind of got teary eyed thinking about how much he has grown, that he is a big boy now and he is only going to get bigger!  And Grace is a whole other story.  This girl, let me tell you, is becoming a little girl!  She was so tiny for so long and really she still is.  She is thin and petite and just so cute.  But all of a sudden her legs look longer and she seems taller.  Really it's her big personality that stands out so much.  She has a joy about her that fills a room in seconds. And she is a smart cookie.  Just about the time I think I can stump her, she comes up with  the most brilliant answers.  Lately, it has been, "I'm just kidding!", "Are you sure?" and "God made me!" She's good!  It is a blessing to be a parent, to watch the milestones, and to see the ah ha moments.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be a parent and to have so much joy because of the children!