Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Camp 2011

Summer camp sessions have begun here at Camp Alandale, and we are amazed at the incredible work God is doing.  The first week started very smoothly.  We had overwhelming peace as we headed into the week, and the peace continued throughout the week.  There were only a few little things that we had forgotten to prepare or hadn't gotten to before the campers came, so our week was full of fun and love.  The group was sweet.  They enjoyed each others company and played well together.  And played we did!  It was a blast. 
We wondered if the campers were seeing and feeling the love of Christ, and then we saw it.  One camper shared that she was not sure about Christ.  She had heard about talking to God through Angels, but not directly to him.  Then, pretty early in the week, she turned to her counselor and said, "I think I want to give Jesus a chance and start fresh with him. Will you pray with me to ask him into my heart?"  Her counselor was quite surprised and overjoyed!  They prayed together and then had the rest of week to learn more about Jesus. 
At the last campfire on Thursday night, the campers really bonded. We had our Pine Cone Ceremony, where we give the campers the opportunity to throw a pine cone into the fire, symbolizing giving their cares and hurts to Jesus.  It was incredibly powerful watching each camper come up, throw their pine cone into the fire and then walk away.  After, we sang "The Family Song" where we all hugged and swayed back and forth together.  The love of Christ was evident in the hugs and tears.  God is good.  He touched each one just as they needed and lives were changed.  What an amazing work He has done and will do!
Thank you for your prayers, we surely felt them.  Please continue to pray for each camper's heart, that they will hold on to Jesus in all that they do.  Please pray for more counselors for camp, as we are still short for many of the weeks ahead.  Please pray for our family as we get used to our summer schedule, for safety and wisdom in leading camp and in our family time.