Friday, June 12, 2009

Tired Energy

There is a moment in time when you know your past the point of exhaustion and heading toward the second wind. The only thing you wonder is how long can I go on. How long can I feel like no matter how much work I do, it never seems to get done. Thus is the plight of ministry. Ministry is just that. A monster that tries to eat you and your family alive. A monster that does it's best to roar so loud you can't hear the still small voice that you so desperately need. The thing that keeps us going is the thought of Billy the camper coming to know his savior. Christ in us, the hope of glory!!. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us during this tumultuous time. Thank you for your work at work days and your voices to share the Love of Christ by speaking about what God is doing at Camp Alandale. Exciting things are happening. Out of 9 sessions 7 are completely full with waiting lists. Because of the response I can pretty confidently say that by the first day of Summer Camp our registrations will be full!!! thanks for your prayers for that and we are so blessed by all of you partnering with us...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

In Two Short Weeks

In two short weeks counselors will be arriving for the very first camp of summer 2009. In two short weeks campers will be loading a bus bound for Camp Alandale. In two short weeks the months of preparation and training will traslate into action and lives changed. In two short weeks Charlie and Gracie will have to share mommy and daddy with 24 other kids. In two short weeks the new season will officially start. In two short weeks Christ will be glorified in the campers lives at Camp Alandale!

Thanks for all your prayers heading into this busy season. Please keep them up. We are really excited and tired. Pray for our children as we transition into the busiest season of our year. Pray Pray Pray.