Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charlie's 5th Birthday!

Charlie is 5! Where has the time gone?  I have images of him being a baby.  Wasn’t that just yesterday?  We had a nice celebration with some friends on the hill.  Cars was the theme.  We pulled out everything from his room that is from the movies cars to decorate for the party.   After that his room looked bare!  We had lunch, played some fun Cars games, ate a most fabulous Cars cake (made by Mike), and enjoyed being together for a very special celebration.  It was quite a day!  Thank you God for Charlie and thanks to all who love him!

Fall Festival

We were grateful to be able to participate in a safe and fun Fall Festival put on by one of the local churches on the hill.  The kids got dressed up.  They ate food, played games, and got loaded up on sugar! We also found out that a tire swing is a ton of fun!

Camper Picnic

We had a great turn out for our Camper Picnic on October 23.  We had received about 60 rsvp’s and had planned for that much food and fun.  Then the weather happened…  But as we are always reminded, God is bigger than the weather!  It was raining just about everywhere in Orange County the morning of the picnic, and the park for the picnic was in Orange County.  But right where we were, it was not raining.  We received a few calls that morning to see if we had cancelled due to rain.  People were amazed that it wasn’t raining at the park.   Thank you God!  We had 60 people come and we all had a great time.  All the campers participated in the games and seemed to enjoy being together.  We encouraged the campers to continue to be “Transformed” by God and to live for Him in all they do.  We were blessed by a great turnout and a great day of weather, all provide by God!